2018 Hidden Valleys Visitor Guide

hiddenvalleys.com | 3 Greetings and thankyou forviewing our publication. It ismy honorto serve as president forHiddenValleys of Southwest Wisconsin and to help promote the treasures of our nine counties. Operating with an all-volunteer board, Hidden Valleys has been in existence for over 40 years. Throughout those years, many individuals have contributed to the success of our organization. Their willingness to devote countless hours toward sharing the wonders of our area is testamenttohowproudandprivilegedwefeelto live insuch a unique part of Wisconsin. On behalf of our organization, I invite you to explore the beauty of Hidden Valleys and experience the exceptional nature of our driftless region. I would like to personally thank, with great admiration, all current and past HiddenValleys boardmembers, staff, and sales people for their tremendous efforts to the Hidden Valleys organization. Without their help, this organization would not exist. Additionally, I would like to thank each of the nine member counties for their continued support toward helping us share our unique gifts, by connecting the communitiesoftheHiddenValleysofSouthwestWisconsin. —Joe Fisher We Welcome You to the Hidden Valleys of Southwest Wisconsin!